Why You Should Use Timestamptz

I see a lot project using timestamp data type in there databases. I tend to think that this is a bad idea. Dev Is Not Prod Your local setup may have a timezone which reflect your physical location. This may not be the case of your server(s), which could have a specific timezone, or, UTC time. Which is better by the way (more on than later). So you will experience bug and issues if you do not pay attention to it. [Read More]

Idea For A Multitenant PostgreSQL

I recently migrate a PostgreSQL DB from an ubuntu server VM to Azure PostgreSQL. If you use this DBaaS before, you may have noticed you need to add @<my_instance_name> after your login. For exemple if you create a test_azure_db, your url for this PostgreSQL instance is test_azure_db.postgres.database.azure.com. And imagine the name of your user is remi, to login you need to do psql -h test_azure_db.postgres.database.azure.com -U remi@test_azure. I don’t know what sort of magic Azure is doing, but it gave me an idea. [Read More]

Reducing Python Docker Images Size

I’m using docker a lot to build and deploy the software that I (try to) write. I’m also writing a lot of python. And one of the things that really annoy me is the size of docker images. Especially python. I often laugh about the size of a hello world in Go. But in Go you can deploy your application in docker with no extra cost. So, compiling this hello world in go : [Read More]

Right Management in Postgresql

Recently I though about (re)starting a blog, but didn’t find subject to fill it. Then I got a new job with tons of news subject to learn and I need a place to store it, maybe it will help some. Enjoy. Right Management in Postgresql @Fibrea we use postgresql a lot, it’s the heart of our system. Operating this DB day to day is quite challenging some time. So here is what I understand from my experience and reading on right management in postgresql. [Read More]

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